2012 - the end of the world according to some as that's when the Malayan calendar ends.  Me, I look at it as they either ran out of charcoal or whatever they used or, as someone else said, they could have been abducted by a space monkey!

Oh but the Euro is going to implode - really?  I use the pound - doesn't bother me!  Other countries that use the Euro can go back to using their previous currency - Greece may well have a hard time of it for a while but, the bright side?  Back in charge of themselves and not dictated to by the Brussels gravy train - who still haven't had a set of accounts signed off by the auditors in the years it has been in existence!

For the doom and gloom group in the UK - if the Euro implodes it will be bad for our business, all our customers come from there.  Well, I would personally see it as a big opportunity - there's a lot of world out there that you could be doing business with - America, China, Brazil and not just Europe.  Open your mind, think out of the box and stop being so pessimistic!  With the wonders of the internet and things like online conferences, online conference phone calls, distance is no longer an object. Stop limiting yourselves. 

For me, I think 2012 has a lovely ring to it, have no idea why but, have just a damn good feeling.  And, that's what you have to maintain throughout life - an optimistic outlook.  If you think negatively - negative things happen.  If you think optimistically when you hit a great big wall - you will see a way around it instead of chipping and chipping and chipping away at it and, getting nowhere.  


Set your goals for 2012.  Make some realistic ones and make some goals that you think are completely impossible and the steps you will have to take to reach them.  Reach a realistic one, tick it off the list - you feel great, gives you a fabulous feeling of accomplishing something - even if it's just making sure you clean the bathroom once a week!

Now, for the harder ones!  If you are wanting to start off your own business, no matter what it is, cut it down into smaller steps.  So, your first step could be building a website, but you have no idea where to start.  Buy a book (I've written one - click here!) (that would be a step towards a step so to speak!) but, you have taken that step.  

You aren't going to get anywhere just thinking about it, write it all down and, then make it into simple steps.  Just take that one step on your list and, you are closer to what you want to be doing.  Baby steps!

I bought this book for my other half this Christmas as, he is always so negative, has no interest in the Law of Attraction, thinking positive and making goals like me, he thinks it is all poppycock and that I've just been lucky. 
Needless to say, he hasn't read it - but I did.  I think it is fabulous.  I would highly recommend it.  It has some concepts of the Law of Attraction in it but there are various sections on how to make yourself feel good.  I've used one of them.  You think of something, somewhere, or a person when you felt absolutely fantastic and squeeze your thumb and middle finger of each hand together.  You do this every day and then whenever you are feeling a bit down, stressed, someone's bringing you down, you squeeze your thumb and middle finger of each hand together and it immediately brings back those fabulous fantastic feelings, no matter what is going on around you!

This book is fabulous and, I would highly recommend it.  Some of it I was doing anyway - especially the setting goals section.  How are you going to achieve anything if you haven't set goals?  If you don't set goals, then you have no direction and, you are just bumbling along life's path instead of it following the path that you want. 

Onwards and upwards and wishing you good health, happiness and success for 2012.  


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