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Two days ago I was contacted by a young lady who asked me if an advertisement was legitimate.  I thought she had come from one of the sites where I regularly contribute and wanted my advice, but no, it turned out that she had answered an advertisement on Gum Tree, advertising a data entry position from home.  

When she replied to this advert, they asked her for a scanned copy of her driving licence or passport.  The young lady concerned asked what the company name was and, the answer they gave was, my company's name, Typing Solutions!!!!!!! although the email was from and not, Typing Solutions' email. 

She then looked up Typing Solutions on the internet, saw that we are a highly respected company and then emailed a copy of her driving licence - immediately laying herself open to identity fraud. 

The full details of the emails and the scam can be found here at Netmums where, I am a regular contributor and, where people have added the scams that they have come across.   

The Police were contacted, as was Gumtree and, I must say that Gumtree were very quick to take this advert down but, that is the one that we know of and, there are probably hundreds more on that site and others.  

I also placed a large notice on our Vacancies web page at Typing Solutions to warn other possible potential victims of this scam that, we were not in any way associated with these adverts and, we only ever advertise vacancies through our website and, stating that you should never ever send money or your ID to anyone. 

I will say again, when looking for typing from home work, never, ever, ever send money or personal identification to anyone in response to an advert.  They only want your details or your money to defraud you.  

Please take heed from this and, do not make the same mistake that this poor woman did who, then had to contact the Police, the DVLA and her bank.  Luckily she contacted me as, you will see from Mumsnet, what they were asking her to send next!

There are thousands of adverts like these on the internet all preying on people who are desperate to be working from home typing. 

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