Hmm, and here I am advocating the joys of working from home and, how you have so much free time!  However, I started this site at 8.00pm and it's now 4.00am in the morning so, much less than the two days that I have said that it takes to create a website!

I hope you enjoy looking through the site and, find it of interest.  I do really advocate setting up a home typing service, it really was the best thing I ever did and, remember, if you buy the book and you have any queries, if you email me at with your order number in the message box, I will reply within 48 hours.  

Must try and get some sleep now.  Typing Solutions has a lot of work on and, it's the Easter Holidays.  Note to self:  Must find time to sit in the new garden.  I hope you are all having nice weather, wherever you are, when you read this. 


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