It's been a long time since I have posted anything on my blog but, it has been a hectic couple of months for Typing Solutions and, life in general!  

I have had new windows fitted, the bathroom is being gutted and replaced,  hormonal one has had a trip to Spain, has 10 days in Germany and a week in New York coming up and, I am trying to paint the dining room which, with a fur dropping Alaskan Malamute in residence is no mean feat!


They are a killer to what you want to have.  They will prevent you from accomplishing anything that you want in your life and, you've got to stop them now.....

You know the kind of thought that I mean, the self-limiting, I can't do or nothing will change type of thoughts.  

Take a friend of mine who was made redundant from the Finance Industry.  He hit rock bottom (understandable but, it doesn't help...things only get worse).  

I went to see him and I took him a copy of my Law of Attraction Book, a copy of my Create a High Ranking website and a couple of bottles of Pinot Grigio.  

After he had sunk one bottle and, was a little more receptive, I explained to him that he could look at the situation that he was in, in two ways.  

The self-defeating one of, I've lost my job, I have no money, I can't pay the mortgage, I am going to lose my house - and, thinking those thoughts means you're attracting that OR 

Think of it as an opportunity.  Set up your own business, you're damn good at what you do, you have contacts, you've got my book to create a successful website - you could have a much better life than you had before.  You can earn more money, you are your own boss, nobody telling you what to do, no office politics - a much better way of life is there, if you  grasp the opportunity and think positively about the way your life can be. 

And how is he doing now?  Absolutely fabulous.  His business is doing well and, I have never seen him looking so happy.   

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There is one song for me that captures the spirit of, you have just one go around the board on the Game of Life and, it's up to you to make it count and make it the life that you want.  Play it full blast, sing it loud and stop with those negative, self-defeating thoughts and go for the life that you want.  It is your life and you want to live it now.

Click and Play it loud now!

Wishing you the life you want 
9/27/2022 04:53:42 am

I thoroughly enjoyed this blog, thanks for sharing.


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