This is a blog completely off topic, which has been started by the horrific actions of people, mostly the young, our future, in the streets of Britain and, some absolutely unbelievable sexual abuse directed at my mother on Facebook as the young, 15 year old, Grammar School educated young man "was bored". 

Now, I am a single mother, which apparently means that my son is more likely to become delinquent.  I disagree as, I hold dear, morals, courage, respect and, the fact that what you want for in this life, you work for.  

Concerning the riots, my son had put on his facebook page that, "some people are so stupid", he could see the wrong that was being done but, not to the extent that I could, i.e. the fact that people's livelihoods, communities and homes were being destroyed and the repercussions for these people in their lives who, have worked hard for what they have and, their livelihoods were being destroyed by those who are completely ignorant. 

I do not hold with the, they have no jobs, they have no education, they are showing their disgust with the system.  If that's the case, demonstrate peacefully outside Parliament and not loot your corner shop.   But, I do go with, they are taught respect, morals, the fact that you work hard for what you want - and unfortunately, these children are not.  When, for example, a dental nurse leaves her young child at home to go and loot Tescos - where are the morals there?  When a young man, a visitor to this country who has been attacked is helped to his feet, is then mugged?  This I thought that I was instilling morals, decency, the difference between right and wrong in my son, until, two days later this happened.  

My son's grandmother engaged in a conversation that he was having with his friends on facebook (nothing to do with the riots) and, the sexual abuse directed towards her by one of my son's friends (15 years old), who I have known since he was 4 years old was horrific.  I had no idea until I scanned my son's Facebook page the following morning, being one of his "friends".  

When the hormonal one eventually surfaced the next morning, I read him the riot act.  Why had he not deleted the posts?  Why had he not read his friend the riot act over speaking to his grandmother in this way? 

My son, smirked and said he wasn't being serious, I didn't do it, I couldn't delete them as, you told me it was time for bed.  

The posts were deleted and, my message to the young man was as follows:
"Alex, have a little respect for your elders. After the events of the last few days of the youth of this country behaving in such an abominable manner, showing no respect for people, their communities and their livelihoods, whilst real men are out in Afghanistan putting their lives on the line I would have thought that you would know better. You are an educated young man, from a loving home and want for nothing. I am really disappointed in you".

Now, my son knows the difference between right and wrong but, the fact that he smirked enraged me.  How dare he think that a 15 year old talking to a woman in such a degrading, sexual, offensive manner was a smirking matter.  

And, for me, that's where this world is going wrong.  Now, I know that my son would not have put that kind of thing Facebook but, the fact that his friend did it because he was "bored" and, the fact that my son had not read him the riot act that he had spoken to his grandmother in such a degrading way, filled me with complete and utter anger and, disappointment.  Okay, he said to him "Do you know that's my nan" but, for me that was not good enough. 

I asked my son, if you were on a crowded bus, would you give your seat up to a woman?  The answer, if she was old or pregnant.  Okay, I may now have suffragettes rolling in their graves but....... No, you would at least ask a woman, irrelevant of her age, if she wanted  your seat. 

When I told my 15 year old son that, his Great Grandfather, who luckily for us is still alive and, more real men like him, would open a door for a woman, would pull out a chair for a woman, he replied with, "That's old fashioned". I was speechless.  And that is the problem with the internet, TV, DVDS, parents (including me).  Call me old fashioned, I don't care.  We are destroying our future, by letting our children think that it is okay to degrade women and, have no respect for our fellow man.  

"That's old fashioned".  And, what is the problem with that?  Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to put women's rights back 100 years.  Especially me, I am mother and father to my son and, run my own business. I agree that we should have equal pay, I agree that we should have the vote but, what happened to chivalry and respect to the fairer sex or, your fellow man?

I could not go on the front line and fight in a war - some women can, and I have the utmost respect for them.  But, wouldn't they be delighted if they got on a crowded bus and a young man of 15 years old, stood up and offered them their seat?  Why should they take offence?  At the manners, shown by the young man or, are they going to take umbrage and say, "I'm a woman, I'm as good as you, I can stand"?

For goodness sake, I'm all for evolution, for the unbelievable forward motion into medical science that means that we aren't dying at the age of 40, that we can have heart transplants, kidney transplants and, have our lives extended.  That women can fight on the front line, be policewomen, fire women, plumbers, roofers, etc.  But, let's have a backward step to, so called, old fashioned values of respect for your fellow man, treat women as women and not sex objects, treat people with compassion, kindness and, if you want something in this world, you gain qualifications, you work for it.  YOU DO NOT STEAL IT FROM SOMEONE ELSE and, that you treat people with respect. 

Rant over.  

Please teach your child so called "old fashioned values" of respect, morals, courage, decency and to work hard and, to treat their fellow man and woman with respect.  

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