As the title suggests, computers, when you are working online, can completely screw up your business!

When working from home online as a Virtual Assistant or, running your own typing service always have an additional separate hard drive, memory stick and, mostly, importantly anti-virus software.  

Can you imagine if you turned on your computer one day and your hard drive was completely blank, everything gone.  

Can you imagine if you have to phone your clients asking for copies of their templates - that's if you still have their telephone number and, it wasn't just stored on the computer!

Or, having to redo all the work you did the night before that you hadn't sent to the client. 

At the end of every day ALWAYS back up your work onto the separate hard drive and, as an added precaution, always keep your clients' templates on a memory stick as well.  

So, just in case your computer goes kaput you can switch on your laptop, insert your memory stick, upload the templates and, it's business as usual whilst you are charged a fortune by some bod to repair your main computer!

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