If you are a virtual assistant working from home or, if your run your own typing from home service you may find that clients ask you if you can perform or undertake some more responsibilities for them.   

Sometimes these may be well beyond your scope and you wouldn't know where to start but, you don't say NO!

Tell your client that you are, at present, unable to undertake this kind of service, that you will be adding it to your services in the near future but, that you will be more than happy to ask a colleague of yours and discuss the client's requirements with them.  

What colleague?  If you have followed the instructions in my typing from home book you will know where to find someone who will no doubt be able to undertake these tasks for you and keep your client happy as, you will have helped them save time and money by finding someone for them.   

Speak to the colleague, find out how much they would charge and, that they can provide you with their experiences and clients who they have carried out similar type of work for.  

Then, go back to your client with the details and, if you wish, charge slightly more than quoted and, you can make money as well!

As an aside, why not then research the service that you felt unable to undertake yourself and find as many educational resources as possible to teach yourself how to perform that task.  

Then, the next time someone asks you for something similar you have a choice, you can either say yes, do the work from home and keep the total billed or, you can subcontract it out at a reduced rate and still earn some money for your working from home service

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