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When working from home typing, do not make unprofessional mistakes.  I am working from home typing with my own typing from home service and thought today I had better write something about how you approach prospective new clients if you perhaps send out an email about your typing from home services.  

I have umpteen dreadful emails to Typing Solutions from people wanting to be working from home typing, for example:

Hi, I type from home and want more work"

For goodness sake, would you even bother to reply.  I don't.  No wonder they are looking for work for their typing from home service and are not being successful working from home typing - they are hardly being professional.  

When approaching prospective clients advertising your typing from home service or virtual assistant services, ensure that you entitle your message engagingly and relevantly. 

If possible, always begin with Dear Mr Smith, i.e. personalise the email.  

Detail the benefits to Mr Smith of using your typing services/virtual assistant service (The benefits I list in my book work every time for securing a client's custom). 

Finish with an offer of some kind, i.e. if you are a typing from home service, let him have the first 20 minutes for free.  If you are a Virtual Assistant offer the first hour of your time for free.  

Always sign off your email for example, as follows

Yours sincerely 

Louise Sheppard
Tel No: 

Another idea for promoting your typing from home service and virtual assistant business is to put together a detailed brochure in PDF format detailing your services and attach it to the email.
If you are advertising your services to prospective clients via email remember that first impressions count.  Write your email as you would a professional letter and never, ever, with Hi!
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