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Are you looking for legitimate ways to make money typing from the comfort of your own home? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Typing Online From Home is your ultimate resource for learning how to earn an income typing online.

With the rise of remote work and the gig economy, it’s easier than ever to find typing jobs you can do from anywhere. You don’t need prior experience or special skills. As long as you can type reasonably well, there are opportunities available.

We provide the information, tools, and resources you need to get started making money with online typing. Read on to learn more about how it works!

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Welcome to Typing Online From Home

How To Make Money Typing – An Overview

The great thing about online typing is that it’s accessible to almost anyone. You don’t need special training or qualifications. If you can type at a moderate speed with decent accuracy, you can get paid for your skills.

Some of the most common ways to earn money typing online include:

  • Freelance typing – Providing typing services as a freelancer. This may involve general document typing, data entry, transcriptions, captioning, etc. Freelancers find typing jobs on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.
  • Microtasks – Completing small specialized typing tasks. Companies like Amazon Mechanical Turk offer short typing microtasks like image captioning, data preparation, transcription snippets, etc.
  • Remote company jobs – Some companies hire remote employees specifically for typing and data entry roles. These provide regular part-time or full-time work. Common remote typing jobs include medical transcription, insurance claims processing, subtitle captioning, and more.
  • Paid online typing tests – Believe it or not, some typing test websites will pay you to take their typing tests! It’s obviously not going to make you rich, but could provide a tiny income stream.

As long as you have a computer and internet connection, you can find real ways to get paid for typing skills. It’s one of the most accessible online money-making options out there. Keep reading to learn how to get started!

How To Make Money Typing An Overview
How To Make Money Typing An Overview

How To Increase Your Typing Speed and Accuracy

To maximize your earning potential doing online typing jobs, you’ll want to type at a decent clip with high accuracy. The faster and more accurate you can type, the more lucrative typing gigs will be.

Here are some tips for improving typing speed and accuracy:

  • Take typing tests – Taking regular timed typing tests helps you measure your progress and identify weaknesses. Strive to take a test daily.
  • Try typing games and software – Typing tutor software provides exercises and games to help increase your words per minute (WPM). PopCap games like Typer Shark and Typing of the Dead are fun ways to practice.
  • Use proper typing technique – Keep wrists straight, use proper finger positioning, and utilize keyboard shortcuts. Proper form prevents injury and increases efficiency.
  • Practice daily – Consistent practice is key. Aim for at least 30-60 minutes of daily typing practice to ingrain muscle memory and boost speed.
  • Watch your accuracy – Don’t just strive for speed. You need a high degree of accuracy for paid typing work. Use backspace sparingly and fix mistakes as you go.
  • Set speed goals – Set reasonable short-term and long-term speed goals. Aim to beat your personal best WPM each week. Celebrate progress along the way.

With regular targeted practice, it’s possible to go from 20 WPM to over 60 WPM in a few months. Speed and accuracy translate directly into earning potential.

If you’ll be typing for many hours a day, it’s important to avoid hand, wrist, and arm injuries. Repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome can cut short your typing career.

Here are some tips to type comfortably and avoid typing injuries:

  • Adjust your workstation ergonomics – Chair height, monitor position, wrist support, etc should allow proper hand positioning.
  • Take regular breaks – Take a few minutes away every 30-60 minutes to stretch wrists, fingers, arms, neck, back, and shoulders.
  • Improve posture – Sit up straight with shoulders back to prevent cramping.
  • Use ergonomic equipment – Ergonomic keyboards, mouse devices, and wrist rests align wrists properly.
  • Try voice typing – Alternate some typing with dictation software like Dragon to give hands a rest.
  • Avoid overusing keyboards on mobile devices – The tiny touch keyboards strain thumbs. Use a Bluetooth keyboard when possible.
  • Do hand and wrist exercises – Simple stretches can keep joints flexible and blood flowing.
  • Monitor for early signs of injury – If you experience tingling, numbness, or pain, take a break.

With some adjustments and preventative care, you can avoid injuries as a full-time typist. It’s vital to make ergonomics a priority if typing is your livelihood.

How To Find Legitimate Online Typing Jobs

Because typing skills are in high demand in the digital economy, there are more opportunities than ever to find legitimate typing work online. However, you need to be savvy to avoid typing job scams and sites trying to steal your money or information.

Here are some best practices for finding REAL remote typing jobs:

  • Vet job boards and companies – Research hiring sites and alleged employers to ensure they are credible. Look for lots of positive reviews.
  • Avoid upfront fees – Don’t pay for “certification”, trainings, directories, or guarantees. Real typing jobs don’t require fees.
  • Be wary of “easy money” promises – If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Most typing work requires effort.
  • Look for specificity – Job posts should provide details on duties, pay rates, hours, etc. Vague ads may be fishing expeditions.
  • Assess tests carefully – Legit pre-employment tests assess skills, not personality. Beware of invasive personal questions.
  • Video chat before sharing personal info – Don’t give out your SSN just to “apply”. Video chat first with hiring managers.
  • Start with reputable sites first – Try established platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Amazon MTurk, RatRaceRebellion, etc to start.
  • Search for direct company jobs – Look for in-house remote positions with specific businesses seeking typists.

With due diligence, you can find an abundance of legitimate typing jobs. But always trust your gut – if something seems sketchy, it probably is.

You don’t need much equipment to start earning money typing online. All you really NEED is a working laptop or desktop computer and decent internet connection.

However, some additional affordable gear can make you more productive, comfortable, and successful as a remote typist:

Ergonomic keyboard – An ergonomic keyboard like the Microsoft Sculpt or Logitech Ergo K860 aligns wrists properly to prevent strain.

External keyboard and mouse – Plug into your laptop to prevent neck/shoulder pain from hunching over a small laptop.

Second monitor – A dual monitor setup reduces excessive scrolling and toggling between windows.

Wrist rest – Cushioned wrist rests like the GBtam Mouse Pad aligns hands properly with keyboard/mouse. Reduce pressure.

Document holder – Positions reference documents at eye-level to prevent neck strain from constantly looking down.

Decent headset – Quality headphones make transcription work easier. Consider a foot pedal as well to pause/playback audio.

Laptop stand – Raises a laptop to proper height. Can also improve laptop cooling and comfort.

Blue light blocking glasses – Prevents eye strain from constant screen exposure.

While not essential, items like these can make you more effective, comfortable, and injury-free as an online typist. They are worthwhile investments in your long-term success.

Typing Tools and Software That Can Help You Work Faster

Specialized typing software and aids can help you increase your speed, accuracy and earnings potential as an online typist. Here are some top options to consider:

  • Typing tutor software – Programs like TypingClub, TypingMaster, and Bruce’s Unusual Typing Wizard provide lessons, drills, games and stats to quickly boost your WPM.
  • Text expanders – Tools like TextExpander allow you to create custom keyboard shortcuts that automatically expand into frequently-used phrases and boilerplate. Great time saver for repetitive typing tasks.
  • Dictionary/thesaurus apps – Apps like Dictionary.com’s writing tools provide instant access to definitions, synonyms, and advice on word usage. Helpful for content writing gigs.
  • Transcription software – Programs like Express Scribe and InqScribe help optimize the transcription process with variable playback, keyboard shortcuts, and integrated dictation capabilities.
  • Grammarly – This app analyzes your writing and provides corrections for grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, tone, and more. Great for proofreading and editing jobs.
  • Ergonomic software – Utilities like Workrave enforce proper rest breaks, wrist and eye exercises, and varying your work position. Can prevent bodily strain.

Don’t be afraid to invest in software and tools that make you faster, smarter, and more accurate. They can easily pay for themselves in earning potential.

How To Avoid Scams and Find Legit Online Typing Work

Because there is so much interest in making money typing online, scams abound. You need to be vigilant to avoid getting scammed. Watch out for these common red flags:

  • Job posts promising “$XXXX per week typing!” Unrealistically high income claims are almost always scams.
  • Companies asking for an upfront payment for training, certification, software, job guarantees, or directories. Real typing jobs should never require you to pay upfront.
  • Vague job descriptions that don’t list duties, pay rates, hours, etc. They may be fishing for your personal information.
  • Messaging that emphasizes how little experience, skills or effort is required. True typing work does take skill and diligence.
  • Personal information harvesting under the guise of “registration”, “assessments” or “background checks”. Avoid giving information until employed.
  • Requests to use your own bank account to funnel money for their “business”. This is likely laundering fraudulent funds.
  • Offers to have payment or products shipped to your home address for forwarding elsewhere. These involve shipping illegally obtained merchandise.
  • Automated “work from home job matched specifically to you!” spam messages. These are almost always scams or worse – phishing attempts.

By avoiding anything that seems too good to be true or unprofessional, you can find legitimate remote typing jobs. Do your research to ensure any company is reputable before providing personal information or working for them. And trust your gut – if you have a bad feeling, move on.

There ARE real opportunities for making money typing online. With prudence and patience, you can find professional remote typing jobs suited to your skills and interests. Our website provides vetted resources to help you successfully start earning from home. Feel free to browse around and check back often for new information!